Engineering Services

Dentro da sua área de atuação a Reason pode agregar a engenharia necessária a utilização do equipamento pelo cliente, como montagem dos equipamentos em painel, instalação em campo e fornecimento em turn-key.

Information Technology

More than protection, control and monitoring equipment, users working in the electricity sector wish to have information in an integrated manner to assist in the operation and maintenance of the electrical system. In this sense, Reason gathers all its experience in the collection and handling of information of event records, and continuous measurement of the most varied types of equipment. Considering several cases already in operation, we are able to customize the system according to customer needs.


Field service in factory pre-commissioning or in the place where the equipment will be used, providing a Reason professional to monitor field tests carried out by customer.

Of application

Within its area of operation Reason can add the engineering necessary to use the equipment by customers such as assembly of equipment on panel, field installation, and turn-key supply.

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