Time synchronization
RT434: GPS Grandmaster Clock

Time synchronization

Main Features

When several distinct Ethernet network ports require time synchronization, RT434 Grandmaster Clock offers the full solution. With 4 independent Ethernet network ports, RT434 provides precision time synchronization through its output ports in several time protocols commonly used in electrical substations.

  • 4 independent Ethernet network ports 10/100Base-T
  • Better than 100ns time accuracy
  • Precision Time Protocol (PTP) in accordance with IEEE 1588
  • Time signals in IRIG-B004, IRIG-B124, DCF77 and low frequency pulses
  • NTP/SNTP server using Ethernet port
  • Serial Datagrams through the RS232 and RS422/485 ports
  • High accuracy internal oscillator system
  • Delay compensation for GPS antenna cables
  • Redundant power supply (AC or DC)
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