Time synchronization
RT431: Time Code Generator

Time synchronization

Main Features

RT431 is a compact GPS clock that provides the same levels of accuracy and reliability of RT430 and RT434. Designed for DIN rail assembly, its design allows the equipment to be installed in locations with limited space and reduced panels. RT431 can be configured as a PTP slave on an Ethernet network of time signal distribution operating as a transceiver to electrical protocols. Thus, legacy equipment can be integrated to digital substations and synchronized using modern communication networks.

  • Compact GPS clock
  • DIN rail assembly
  • Better than 100ns time accuracy
  • Precision Time Protocol (PTP) in accordance with IEEE 1588
  • Time signals in IRIG-B004, DCF77 and low frequency pulses
  • NTP/SNTP server using Ethernet port
  • Serial Datagrams through the RS232 port
  • High accuracy internal oscillator system
  • Delay compensation for GPS antenna cables
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