Time synchronization
RT411: Time Signal Distributor

Time synchronization

Main Features

RT411 is a distributor of IRIG-B signal, low frequency pulses or any voltage signal between 0 and 5Vcc for frequencies up to 5MHz, using optical and electrical outputs, allowing IEDs synchronization. The equipment ensures time precision based on the accuracy of the time synchronization supplier used as reference.

  • Compatibility with IRIG-B00X, PPS, PPM, DCF77 or voltage signals
  • 10 optical outputs for multimode fiber and ST connector
  • Time synchronization for distances up to 2km when using optical fiber
  • 10 electrical outputs with a 150mA individual supply capacity
  • Frontal indicator for monitoring the received synchronization signal
  • AC or DC power supply
RT411 Manual
RT411 Datasheet
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